How I fixed my google contacts phone numbers

With this handy thing: It connects to Google Accounts and adds  a default prefix to the phone numbers which don’t have one yet. Very handy if you moved abroad and you don’t want to add that damn country prefix by hand.  Privacy wise it’s fine, opensource and it runs only in the browser.

Hardware Keylogger Detection

Intro Keyloggers are nifty things used to grab keyboard input for later analysis and use. The most common type of keylogger is the software keylogger as it is just some program that records key presses. Running it usually requires administrator privileges and this limits the attack surface as one must first gain this type of …

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Parsing XML data using bash and standard Unix tools

Parsing XML can be a tedious and unpleasant job if you insist on using just standard Unix tools like sed, awk, cut, grep and so on. One might say that it’s better to use python/perl/ruby/other language that ships with a full blown XML parser and use the standard Unix utilites for what they were meant …

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Choosing random entries from a group

In the past two weeks we had a lottery-type thing on (Romanian Guitarist Community). Proguitar, the official importer of Fender products in Romania, wanted to give-away a custom made Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. To register, the community users had to fill out a form and choose from a series of custom options for the …

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Get your personal email account

Most people use free email services like yahoo, gmail or live. Unfortunately all the nice sounding email addresses are taken by now so new users have to come up with strange combinations like That’s very hard to remember and it sounds very unprofessional. Having an online presence is no longer such a big deal. …

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Find script path

Azi am avut nevoie sa gasesc calea in care sa gaseste un script chiar din scriptul respectiv. Fiserul se plimba prin diverse locuri si eu am nevoie de cai absolute ( hint java classpaths) Solutie MYPATH=”$(readlink -f $(dirname “$0″))” hints: man readlink, man dirname